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19 de Julio, 2008 · General

"Secret", Part IV

Now comes the scientific proof that "just the thought of cash canlead to selfish acts"… thus making it extremely clear that devotees of"The Secret" may be straying from a spiritual path if they focus on themoney.

Back when I still got the newspaper in Santa Monica, one articlefrom November 18th of last year really jumped out at me… to the pointthat it is the only newspaper I ever saved, other than a comic aboutthe Face on Mars. 

I just dug it out, searched for keywordsonline, and found the original on the LA Times website… hard proof ofhow a financial philosophy like "The Secret" is ultimately detrimental,as it inspires separation — getting us to turn against each other.


As you see here from my scanned copy, the actual newspaper article had a different title than we see on the website, namely "Money, money, money; me, me, me".

Check it out:,1,1400734.story?coll=la-headlines-nation&track=crosspromo 

Thoughts of money lead to selfish acts,

study finds Psychologists find that just the thought of cash can lead to selfish acts
Karen Kaplan

Times Staff Writer
November 18, 2006

A team of psychologists has discovered why money can't buy happiness.

Pictures of dollar bills, fantasies of wealth and even wads of Monopoly money arouse feelings of self-sufficiency that result in selfish and often antisocial behavior, according to a study published Friday in the journal Science.

All it took to discourage college students from contributing to a University Student Fund were 15 short phrases such as "a high-paying salary." Those primed by money-related phrases donated an average of 77 cents, compared with $1.34 for students exposed to neutral phrases like "it is cold outside."

"The mere presence of money changes people," said Kathleen Vohs, a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota and lead author of the study.

Money makes it possible for people to achieve their goals without having to ask friends or acquaintances for help. Therefore, Vohs and her colleagues theorized that even subtle reminders of money would inspire people to be self-reliant — and to expect such behavior from others.

A series of nine experiments confirmed their hypothesis. For example, students who played Monopoly and then were asked to envision a future with great wealth picked up fewer dropped pencils for a fellow student than those who were asked to contemplate a hand-to-mouth existence.

In another experiment, students spent six minutes completing a questionnaire on a computer before a screensaver suddenly appeared. Students who saw fish swimming across their screens later moved their chairs an average of 2 feet, 8 inches from a compatriot, while those who saw currency floating underwater stayed more than 3 feet, 10 inches away.

Money also influenced how people said they preferred to spend their leisure time. A poster of bills and coins prompted students to favor a solitary social activity, such as private cooking lessons, while students sitting across from posters of seascapes and gardens were more likely to opt for a group dinner.

"Money changes people's motivations," said coauthor Nicole Mead, a psychology graduate student at Florida State University. "They are less focused on other people. In this sense, money can be a barrier to social intimacy."

Perhaps their next study will examine whether money is indeed the root of all evil.

Let's list the findings here:

  • Less financial generosity:

    Students primed to think about personal wealth with money-related phrases donated less to a charity than those who were given neutral phrases.

  • Less cooperation and service to others:

    Students envisioning a future of great wealth were less likely to help others in need… in that case by neglecting to pick up pencils others had dropped.

  • More physical separation from others:

    Students who see money on a screensaver move their chairs 43 percent farther away from others than those who see fish. (46 inches rather than 32)

  • More desire to totally separate from others:

    Students who simply saw a poster of bills and coins were more likely to choose an activity that separated them from others, rather than those seeing photographs of nature.



According to the Law of One and many other similar philosophies, humanity is in a perpetual childhood… and with that comes an ongoing narcissism and inability to see outside one's own needs. As I said in Part Two, a much deeper 'Secret' is the fact that   we have a multi-dimensional identity… and destiny. If you focus on enriching the physical body, that is your choice, but based on esoteric wisdom teachings, you have totally missed the point. What's even more important is that this is the most important time in human history for you to get it. No one else can make this decision for you. Only you have control over how you will treat others, and what path your future will take as a result.

Many people become addicted to the body, even worship the body, believing that's their identity… that's who they are, and that's all there is. In truth, your body is an instrument for you to learn from. You can think that the body is all you are, and that's your right, but you will also be given tantalizing clues that there is something more. MUCH more.

 What I put out in The Science of Peace, and will reveal in even greater detail in our upcoming Hollywood movie CONVERGENCE, is the definitive scientific proof we've all been waiting for… that we ARE far more than physical bodies, and are NOT separate and isolated from one another.
We are all fundamentally interconnected on an energetic level, and thoughts in one person's mind directly affect thoughts in another person's mind. Your own conscious mind, (don't freak out, now,) is actually crowded to the hilt with thoughts from others. The reason why you don't notice this is that you experience the 'human energy field,' as I call it, as if it were your internal, personal, first-person thinking mind.
Breaking free of this illusion is a great perceptual shift humanity needs to make in order to understand what's wrong with the world, and what we can do to fix it… why chasing after financial wealth while hurting and killing others cannot ever solve anything, whereas cultivating inner peace is by far the best option we have… and worth far more than money can ever provide us.
As a general rule, the stronger your emotions are in an event that happens to you, the stronger your 'upload' of data into the human energy field will be.
The other day I was with my friend Jay in the sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, and the chef was angry about something. I noticed it immediately. For me, with the protective shielding 'cracked' so I can do deep-trance psychic work, his thoughts were as loud as a deafening siren… and equally as painful.
Jay had no problem, and didn't even realize the chef was upset, whereas I had to evacuate the area. The chef might as well have been screaming in my face.
The chef wasn't attacking me, and had no idea his thoughts would be affecting me. Other people in that same situation may start mysteriously feeling tension and anxiety, without understanding the cause.
This is why 'being psychic' is nothing unique. It's already happening to you. All the time.
Once you gain the information to prove it's happening, like in The Science of Peace, then you can simply learn to become aware of it… and upgrade your thoughts to a frequency that is higher than human group-think. It is much easier to do this in a suburban or country area than in a city, though.
If you live in an apartment building, and the couple two doors down is having an epic argument that could lead to their permanently separating, then even if they never raise their voices, the emotional energy could be so strong that your mind will be polluted with their thoughts. If you don't know any better, you will start feeling the same feelings.
That's precisely why I had to get the heck out of Santa Monica. Cities amplify the disharmony of individuals. Everyone picks up the disharmonious thoughts, believes they are their own thoughts, and then projects them into real events… thus amplifying the signals even more. For someone like myself, the only relief came when everyone was asleep — and that in turn led to me staying up far too late at night in order to feel a connection to my own Source, once everyone else had quieted down.
Some scientific data proves that distance is a factor… the closer you are to a stressful, emotional event, the more it will permeate into your own conscious mind. Nonetheless, there is no distance that exempts you from these thoughts. Therefore, since there are large amounts of the planet that are in desperate, grinding poverty and fear, there is a constant thought-current being put into your mind, experienced as if it were your own personal feelings, tempting you to stay in these emotional states.
If you live in an area where there are really disturbed people right near you (walls are irrelevant, as 'torsion fields' pass right through them), then even in sleep you may not find peace. When I slept at my friends' house in Venice, there were homeless people sleeping and peeing in the carport below me, less than 20 feet away, through concrete walls. (Not peeing through the walls, mind you, at least not that I was aware of.)
Sure enough, I started having dreams that I was lost, broke, alcoholic and hopeless, living on the street. This is not because I'm a super-psychic; it would happen to anyone who remembers their dreams and is perceptive enough to see what might have triggered them.
Early in my career I gave a conference and had to crash on the people's couch. Their senile grandmother usually sat there and frequently was incontinent. All during the night on that couch I had dreams of severe embarrassment where I discovered I had totally soiled myself and needed others to help me get clean.
In another early case I stayed at a hotel in Schenectady, New York with my mother, while we were there for a family event. I slept on the bed right next to the TV. I had the craziest action-movie dreams all night, with endless gunning and running, harrowing plot twists and betrayals. I woke up and sure enough, all the available movies to watch were high-intensity action thrillers. Whomever had been on that bed before me must have really projected his emotions into those films and had powerful responses.
When I first started waking up to all this stuff in 1996, one morning I had a dream where there were many people gathered outside my house, and it was clearly associated with the fire department. I then woke up and found that in fact there WERE many firemen gathered exactly where they had been in the dream, because the house next door was burning down. All those people gathered in one place had created a very powerful signal that I then experienced directly in my dream as a group consciousness event.
One time while my mother was still living in Florida, I was taking an afternoon nap and had an extensive encounter with someone who seemed to have just harmed themselves very badly. He had a lot on his mind, was very depressed, and cried profusely. He ended up traveling into a beautiful field with a glowing light in it after I helped him through his grieving process. I woke up and there were police all over… one of Mom's neighbors had just shot himself to death.
Of course, I have over 500 documented examples of clients where my dream had remarkable insights into their life issues. This is just a further extrapolation of the same process. I feel blessed by my dreamwork discipline, because every day I 'get a reading' and find out the most important information I need to know for my own spiritual growth, right in that moment.
[It IS possible to clear others' energy out of a space so you can sleep in it more peacefully. The key, as always, is to imagine pure white or violet light radiating through the room you're going to be sleeping in, and also a cocoon of light around your own body. If you can summon these emotions from your finest levels of consciousness, with an intensity of love and focus, it can act as a current of higher 'vibration' that cleanses the thought-forms before they ever have a chance to reach you.]
So, getting back to the example of people fighting in a nearby apartment while you're awake, you may not hear them, but your conscious mind takes the thought-forms near you and then interprets them as your own thoughts. One of the most poignant statements in the Law of One series is, "We CANNOT perceive you as separate entities."
In much the same way, we don't think of ourselves as a collection of individual organs, or individual cells. We know there are millions of blood cells constantly in motion, keeping our bodies nourished, but we don't think of them as separate. We know a beach is made from untold trillions of grains of sand, but we just see a beach. The higher forces know there are over six billion people on this planet, but what they see is a single, living, conscious human energy field — with 'cells' that feel themselves unique and separated from the whole.
The mission of ET souls, or Wanderers, is predominantly just to 'hold the Light' on Earth by taking on a physical incarnation. By simply holding a body here on Earth (and ideally staying in a consistent state of harmony,) you are upgrading the quality of thought in everyone else's mind.
There's an interesting mathematical principle that the Universe built in to the game to favor the positive path, which is properly called the Law of Exponents. You have to remember that there are higher forces out there that could solve every problem ever known on the planet, almost instantaneously… but they can only help as much as they are CALLED to help.
Negative entities can equally be called upon when you try to manipulate others for your own gain… such as "The Secret" might incline people to do. They can assist you when you want to treat your Higher Self like a prostitute, and for a time it might work. Nonetheless, by calling on the negative you also give them the mandate to interfere with your free will… and the more people make that call, the more the negative can infringe on the whole planet.
You might therefore think that if five people are calling on the negative, and five people are calling on the positive, that the callings would be equal, and balance each other out… but that's not how it works. The Universe is very heavily biased towards the positive side. Thanks to the Law of Exponents, you'd have five people calling on the negative and the energetic equivalent of 2^4 people calling on the positive… or 2×2x2×2, which is 16.
So already the positive call is 320 percent stronger than the negative call, when it's five against five. Add another person to the positive side and the positive instantly becomes 640 percent stronger than the negative call. Add another and it becomes one thousand, two hundred eighty percent stronger than the negative. This percentage just keeps getting more and more outrageous as the 'calling' for the positive goes up.
The more the positive percentage goes up, the more miracles can occur that insure we don't have poverty, fatalities, corruption, government conspiracy and Earth Changes. Plus, we are reaching a "tipping point" in 2012 where we cross the line, and if you're not on the positive path you simply won't be able to find your way into a body on this planet.
The irony is that at the time the Law of One came through in the early 1980s, only a few hundred thousand people were actually calling strongly enough for the Ra group to personally have a mandate to assist. Even so, that number far outstripped the negative, which is apparently part of the reason why we've been protected from many of the more severe scenarios.
I am grateful that this website, and others like it, have exposed many more people to the ancient mystery teachings of esoteric philosophy, thereby increasing the calling.
So, we as human beings are co-creating a single life-form with the consciousness of the Earth itself… and many people identify this consciousness as being more female than male, though it has both aspects. Very few people on this planet have truly individuated, where they are actually thinking for themselves and breaking off from consensus patterns of belief.
Every person who consumes and regurgitates information from schools, governments and media, without any critical analysis, ends up adding a lot less to the collective consciousness of humanity than they may realize. Gathering a bunch of facts, and then simply regurgitating what you read as if it's an original thought, is really not adding to humanity's collective consciousness.
Looking for patterns among the facts, seeing how they connect together in ways others do not, questioning the reality everyone else accepts at face value (like the government as a benevolent father with your best interests in mind), integrating your own life experiences with your knowledge base in writing, like many are doing in their 'blogs' these days, or in the explosive growth in posting on the discussion forum on this website… this can actually represent more of a movement in the human energy field.
New and innovative thoughts will also gather attention, from both the positive and the negative side.
The positive side will rush to help you foster your creativity and original thought, whereas the negative will seek to steer you towards using your ability to help yourself at others' expense, to care more about your own enrichment than of serving others — to use 'The Secret'. Or, if the negative can't get you to change your polarity, they can try to thwart your positive efforts.
This phenomenon of 'negative greeting' is very real, though again, most people would think you're completely a superstitious nut to mention it. We had one guy in the discussion group about two years ago who insisted that 'negative greeting' was so highly rare that it basically only applied to the group who channeled the original Law of One material. This was very clearly not the case by a simple study of the material itself. Negative greetings are happening to people all the time.
When I worked with Hideo Izumoto, a Shinto acupuncturist who could see the aura like most people watch television, he often saw 'entities' superimposed over people's faces as he'd needle them in a certain area where they had an energy blockage, or what he called an 'entity attachment.'
I dug up medieval pictures of negative entities, or 'demons,' in books like Manly Palmer Hall's "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," and Hideo was dazzled at how similar they looked to what he actually saw come off of people's faces — often rushing at him to try to scare him before they left.
I was given very explicit, strict warnings by my Higher Self to never be asleep in the house when he came over to give people treatments, because in the first few moments after these entities are thrown out of someone's body (and they prefer to latch on to either the head or the genital / anal area), they would have enough energetic strength to breach into my dream-space. If I was awake at the time, I was shielded enough that I'd hardly notice anything, other than perhaps a momentary oppressive feeling.
On a few occasions I forgot to stay awake when Hideo got started, and I had to do battle with these entities in my dream-space like something straight out of the battle between Yoda and Count Dooku in Star Wars Episode II, the battle between the two wizards in Lord of the Rings, or battles like Neo had to fight in each of the three Matrix movies. You really do end up levitating, hurling bolts of energy, et cetera in order to defend yourself… and it's not as glamorous as it sounds.
On a more practical level, we see these greetings, even the negative ones, as a blessing. Either way they're speeding up the process of our evolution. When you move towards the positive, there will be wise, loving entities who send you more energy so you can flourish there, and go farther. When you veer towards anger, fear, shame, guilt, control, manipulation and jealousy, there are always entities standing by to instantaneously send energy to strengthen those emotions.
The Law of One 'protocol' for managing negative greeting is:
          Send love to the attacker. Recognize them as a reflection of that part of yourself that feels separate and is in great emotional pain.
          Make a strong, healthy boundary and stick to it. Reject the service they offer you because it is not USEFUL for you to be enslaved.
This is another reason why I strongly discourage conspiracy posts on the discussion forum, and why I don't overly dwell in alternative media. As I've written before in The Revealing and other entries in this blog, almost everyone gets angry at the negatives once they find out what's going on, and this is, in fact, a form of worship that actually strengthens, not weakens, them.
The ONLY thing that makes them wither away is when they don't get to be all big and bad, you see them for the scared, wounded children they are, and you can love them as you love that part of yourself… while also making a firm boundary and not allowing them to manipulate you.
This is also why the Law of One series refused to use the term "psychic attack," and rather chose "negative greeting." To the enlightened mind, negative greetings are blessings because these entities can ONLY mirror to you what you've already created. The strength of their greeting can never EXCEED what you've created for yourself by your own free will.
Therefore, you're given a chance to balance out your karma and return to a place of perfect balance. People often plague themselves with guilt, believe that they've done something wrong and it will continue to haunt them. Thanks to the increasing intensity of 'thoughts becoming things' as we head towards the end of the cycle, most people's karmic balance is happening almost immediately after they create it… and the objective is not to judge you, but simply to restore you to a place of balance.
So, if you get a karmic blast, the best thing to do is RELEASE any sense of guilt or foreboding. Be grateful that you've cleared whatever it was you'd created, and strive to go the extra mile next time, trying to remain as pure and loving in your orientation as possible.
Perhaps now you're seeing what I'm talking about with the idea that your conscious mind is an amalgamation of different influences that you think of as positive. Don't bother going schizophrenic because you think negative entities are speaking in your mind… it's been happening your whole life, whenever you veer towards anger, fear and control. Nothing new about it. Perhaps now you're starting to think it might be possible.
By the same token, when you think and feel love, you are quite literally surrounded by angelic beings — who you usually cannot see — who are beaming love and light into you in direct proportion to how much you choose to feel. The farther you go with this, the more they can help you… and the more you increase the 'calling' so they can, in turn, help others.
Either way — the negative or the positive — your mind becomes the playing ground where these influences converge. However, unless you really begin quieting your mind down and seeking stillness and inner peace, the strongest voices by far will be those of your fellow human beings. Thoughts can race in that have nothing to do with you whatsoever… and that's where you must learn to ask "Is this mine or someone else's?"
Let's say someone near you is very angry, and you get a bolt of it in your own mind, and start feeling anger yourself. Then, because your conscious mind wants to feel in control and relieve paradoxes (like how your brain fills in the gaps of your peripheral vision), you look for something that is causing you to feel angry. You may well end up blowing up at your own partner over something that they never really did.
Once you find an apparent cause for why you feel so terribly, you are quick to attack it, believing that this will resolve the issue and clear your negative emotions. Imagine how quickly this 'disease' can spread all over the world. This is what's happening to us all the time. Many ET souls, or 'Wanderers', are here to offset those influences and increase the strength of calling towards the positive.
The real art of training yourself to be psychic is in SHUTTING DOWN that personalizing 'filter' we all typically have, so you can begin differentiating signals that YOU create in your own mind as opposed to signals that ARISE in your mind without any effort. You can indeed learn to ask yourself "Is this mine or someone else's?" You might be surprised how often it is NOT yours. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though, as signals can come from a variety of places…
Your Higher Self can also guide you in ways that are not as simple as sending you loving energy when you think loving thoughts, to strengthen you in that direction. At other times, it can guide you around blindly for some future manifestation that you have no idea about yet. For most metaphysically or spiritually-inclined people, such phenomena are known as 'synchronicities', and they are very real.
A classic example is when you are having an important thought for your spiritual growth, and you then walk into the other room and look at the clock. 3:33, 11:11, 12:12, or whatever number pattern has significance to you is then staring back at you!
People who DON'T experience this will just laugh, saying that you are "making it all up," et cetera. Other people might invoke "The Secret" and imply that the only reality is the one YOU create, on the conscious-mind level… no greater reality exists. Therefore you are just being superstitious, because if you didn't WILL those synchronicities to happen, then they shouldn't have.
The trick is to approach your Higher Self like a maiden. Say,
    "I'm willing to listen to you. If you want to send me a message by showing me repeating numbers, I will pay attention to it."
And then wait and see what happens!
Even if you don't really believe in all this stuff, if you are at least willing to give it a shot, your Higher Self will get to work and start creating them for you.
Once you 'encode' this synchronicity, by being willing to ACCEPT that it means something, and that it is your Higher Self getting you a message, you will be DAZZLED at how often it starts happening. This has been my reality ever since my early 20s.
What's the message?
In my experience, you have to remember what you were thinking RIGHT BEFORE you see the numbers. When the digits are all aligned, that means "You are on the right track. The thought in your mind right now is very important for you. Keep focusing on that." If you are influenced to look at the clock and you see 3:32, 11:10, 12:11, et cetera, where it hasn't quite hit yet, that means "You're almost there, but something's off. Look deeper, find the love that is missing, and see if you can improve on that thought."
[Beware of shopping at Target, as they see this trend towards 'numericals' and have many items whose prices end in repeating digits other than 9. This does not mean that it's a 'synchronicity' to buy those items!]
It's not just clocks, either. It can be license plates, hit counters on websites, times when someone sends you an email, or the mileage on your odometer.
On many occasions I've had odometer synchronicities in my car. Just before I started doing readings, I had clear dream guidance I needed to take a new job. At the EXACT moment I pulled my car into the parking spot at the place where I began working, the odometer was at exactly 128888 miles. This would not have happened except for the fact that I made a dumb mistake, a wrong turn 'without thinking,' and then had to take a detour in order to get there.
That "dumb mistake," where I was "just not thinking," was actually a guided event… from a part of myself vastly older and wiser than my conscious mind… taking advantage of an opportunity to get me to make turns, all without conscious awareness, that synchronized my odometer at a highly meaningful number for me. The alignment occurred precisely when I found my parking spot and came to my final stopping point. That 'numerical' made me feel far more confident that taking the job was the next good step for me to make… so I did it, and it was indeed valuable.
I've had things even more miraculous than that. In New Paltz I would occasionally shop at Robin's Food Warehouse, and then take a certain 'back road' to get home. On two different occasions I went to Robin's, had a certain amount of money I could spend, (say 10 dollars), told myself "I don't want to exceed 10 dollars on this trip," and then bought what I felt "guided" to get. I went to the cashier and the dry beans weighed in at .999 pounds, let's say — a three-digit numerical (I did not weigh the bag, though the scoops do tend towards a good pound of weight) — and the bill came out to precisely 9.99 with tax… a numerical AND exactly one penny less than I could pay!
Then I got in the car, reached a certain intersection on the back road, and the last three or four odometer digits had lined up… something like 129444.4… at the same exact moment that the clock hit, say, 4:44! [I have the exact data somewhere in my journal… I remember the intensity more than the exact numbers.]
Then, a month later, I repeated the same thing… went to Robin's, AGAIN hit precisely how much I wanted to spend without counting it precisely, again got in the car, again reached the exact same intersection as before, and AGAIN had three or four odometer digits lined up (including tenths of a mile), AND had the repeating digits on the clock… perhaps in that case 5:55 rather than 4:44!
In another case, it correlated with the weather. I was on my way to a music gig at Duchess Community College, I had a very valuable thought for my own growth at the time, I saw my odometer digits were lined up, the clock was at 5:55 and at that instant, it started pouring rain… spontaneously!
Events like that have a way of STRONGLY breaking down the "conditioning" that there is nothing more to life than a random series of causes and effects with no higher connections. All of them show how you can be guided to do seemingly random things, and never realize how you are following an orchestrated pattern that leads to higher results.
Part of how you can foster these changes in your own life is to not try to control everything, with rigid schedules that say you always do so-and-so at such-and-such time. Of course, you don't want to be late for work, but you also can let in more spontaneity in your leisure time. Live your life, stop and enjoy things you might normally miss, 'go with the flow', and you'll be amazed at how many of your seemingly random behaviors were actually GUIDED to get you to experience synchronicity.
As I've written before, I had wondered if I was supposed to go to that crossroads near Robin's, where I had the odometer-clock combo on two different occasions, and have a UFO contact experience there, or some such thing… but at the time such an idea was so foreign and terrifying that I wouldn't have dared go back there to tempt my fate.
[I got diverted into a phone call after writing this. The phone call ended at a seemingly natural time. I walked around the house for a while and then came back in here, ready to write. The clock was at exactly 4:44 and I had not planned it consciously. Clearly this is a good thing for me to be doing… that's the message. These types of things happen to me constantly! Now, on the second pass, as I get to this exact point again, I checked the clock 'just in case,' and this time it's at 10:10… and again I did not plan this in advance, it just happened that way.]
A more common, garden-variety synchronicity example is where you end up 'bumping into someone', seemingly at random.
These intersections are NOT random. In the case of the numerical synchronicities, a higher aspect of your own multi-dimensional personality was able to slip thoughts into your mind, as if they were your own ideas. You think you're making a totally random decision to get up from the chair and walk into the other room at a certain moment. [Like what just happened to me!]
You don't realize that you were influenced to do so, by a higher aspect of yourself, in order to get you a message of synchronicity. Your Higher Self may have to play these games with you for years before you ever lower your cynicism and sarcasm enough to actually take it seriously. It seems that our Higher Selves are very keenly aware of time cycles and can easily coordinate with clocks. Once you see a clock change from one minute to the next, you are totally 'recalibrated', in this case.
In the case of bumping into someone you already know, your familiarity with that person means that, at certain times, you will feel their thoughts as if they were your own. So if your friend puts a strong intention into saying, "I really need to get to the market before it closes at 5:00," then you don't think, "My friend will try to get to the market before it closes at 5:00," you think, "I really need to get to the market before it closes at 5:00."
Then you blindly brush it off as a "coincidence" when you actually DO bump into your friend at the market before it closes at 5:00!
This is no longer a speculation, or a metaphysical what-if… it is a scientific FACT — the Science of Peace — and we're the first to make the case in such detail. I think it's a very good thing to bring this out of the realm of superstition and into hard science.
[Someone else, who I actually met at a party, took the Science of Peace name a year after Larry and I first did the series, registered most of the domain names, (I didn't do it at the time, since I figured it would be there when we were ready,) and is still seeking non-profit grants to develop a program on this subject for PBS… but there is no product to show for it yet.
Again, people thinking along the same lines, with similar types of information as I'd put together for the MP3 series, got an 'original' idea after I'd already come up with it… but then beat me to the registration of the website URL. Now, thanks to the "Hundredth Monkey Effect," any time I get a great title or name I might use, I immediately go and register the dot-com name for it so I don't lose it.]
Now that we've explored the wild world of synchronicity, let's get back to the so-called 'reality' most of us take for granted…. namely the reality that we are in a body that suffers and ultimately dies, perhaps leaving us empty and void, with no further existence left. Most people, when push comes to shove, really cannot prove to themselves that they will exist beyond physical death — and this is yet another reason why they cling to money as if it were their God.
Despite how cosmic we are… what incredible treasures lie in wait for us to discover… our bodies are also fragile at the same time. This leads us to feel a need to protect and defend the body. We do not like to feel pain, even though we can learn from it. Pain hurts.
Money has the ability to protect the body from a wide variety of pains, and also to create many pleasures. If you've ever been on a road trip where you have no extra money for a hotel, and then you have car trouble when you're only halfway home and it's already too late to get to a garage, then you know what a terror not having money can be… trying to stretch out on the back seat of your car in the freezing cold, feeling the car churn as everyone speeds past you all through the night while you pretend to sleep, because your body says that's what you should be doing.
Similarly, if you DO have money to spare, that same problem could simply amount to calling a taxi on your cell, stopping in at a hotel, hitting the workout room, the sauna and the jacuzzi, and then heading out for a great sushi dinner, then watching a movie on the TV and sleeping in a nice, warm, comfortable room before you get your car worked on in the morning.
Yet, isn't it strange to compare these ideas to what the Vohs study (above) discovered? If I were to tell you the story about being marooned all night in my car because I was broke, you might turn around and be more generous… but if I tell you the story about an opulent night in a hotel, because I could afford it, then you might be much less likely, scientifically speaking, to want to reach out to others.
So, when we are reminded of others having gone through adversity, we are more apt to be generous… but if the thought-forms of our own enrichment are put into our minds, we pull away from others, move into separation, and almost instinctively veer in a direction the Law of One philosophy defines as the negative path… and therefore putting us at risk of getting hit with the arrows of karma.
The Eleusinian mystery text we shared in Part III describes the inherent dangers in a "God of Unearned Abundance." Even so, wouldn't it make more sense for the Universe to build our bodies to be tougher, more resilient than they are?
Personally I've been suffering the effects of poison ivy for a month now, and I've only recently gained control over it. Do I really have the stamina to be grateful for the 'catalyst,' for the growth experience, that this has provided me? Do I see far enough to understand WHY such a condition is in my highest and best good? That question, and how it dovetails with my moving into a new house that was a major step up from the dreary apartment I escaped from, was what started off this article series in the first place.
We DO have an answer to this question about the body. According to the Law of One series, the Logos, i.e. the mind of our Galaxy as a Creator, could indeed have designed FAR sturdier bodies than what we now have. No question. However, the frailty of our bodies was intentional… it leads us to having more opportunities to grow, from our own suffering, as well as to reach out to others who are suffering.
On this planet, at this time, most of us have totally lost sight of how the body is a holographic mirror of the mind and spirit… so in getting back to the Choice Between Two Paths archetype, when we veer over towards the negative or service-to-self side, we take the hits from the arrows of karma… and the body was designed so they would be able to have a noticeable impact when they hit.
Now let's get into a question that helps us focus on the details a bit more…
    I have a question about co-creating, or manifesting, or whatever you want to call it. I am reading Ester and Jerry Hicks' book: The Law Of Attraction right now, actually, and I really enjoyed your posting on that subject. But what I don't get, and I would really like clarified, is the canoodling of co-creation and not interfering with anyone's Free Will. How can those two exist at the same time, if you cannot co-create with someone else in mind, but you cannot co-create without them… They have to be creating something with you.
    How can co-creation work, if you are forbidden by Universal Law to interfere with Free Will? It sounds like a hypocritical law to me. Can you explain this in part of your blog on manifesting? Just a quick clarification, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who does not 'get' the whole concept of Free Will, and how that can 'interfere' with a 'specific' manifestation… It sounds like one of those things that you just have to accept and not 'want' to do, like murdering someone, because you know it's wrong.
OK. There are some misunderstandings with this question, which is fine. First of all, yes… Universal Law is all about not interfering with the free will of others. As Part III of this series so eloquently showed, the whole focus is on service… and I thank you for all the emails on that, thanking me for helping you re-orient your focus back to the core principle that "if you continually give, you will continually have."
Let's say you DO want to serve humanity spiritually, and you DO want to attract greater prosperity at the same time. This does involve interacting with other people. The Law of Free Will only specifies that you will not attract people into your life who are not of like mind. You CAN put out the call for those of similar vibration to synchronistically find you. Rather than say "I want THIS person," you say "I want a person LIKE this" and see what comes up.
If you are doing work that impacts others' lives, spiritually or otherwise, the key is to put your service out there to the best of your ability. Then, if others like what you're doing, they might want to join you on their own free will and co-create with you… but if you are trying to go out and convince people that you have something great to offer, even if they're not really sure, you're not just doing a "hard sell" — you're interfering with their free will.
When you keep the spirit of giving and service alive, there are all sorts of synchronistic miracles… using the same principles as the clock synchronicities above… that will begin happening. The Ra complex says, in the Law of One series, "We do not offer service where none is requested."
All we have to do is ASK… and the more we call upon peace and love, rather than "gimme, gimme, gimme," the more the Law of Exponents kicks in and greater things start happening… to us and around us.
Let's get back, for a moment, to the tack I originally started this series with. I had never even imagined I'd end up in a share house situation on a mountaintop in LA… I didn't even think it was possible. Someone who saw "The Secret" might believe that if you put a picture of something like that on your refrigerator, and obsessively believe you're going to get it, that the "Law of Attraction" would kick in and you'd get it… but this is not necessarily the case.
Remember… the key, in my own case, was that I finally asked,
    "Where should I move to best serve others with my work on the planet?"
After I made that request, honoring my Higher Self in its role as teacher, protector and guide, and my role as seeking to align my intent with that of my Higher Self as much as possible, I was naturally guided by my own reason to the answer… get out into the woods, get in a less-populous area, go for a higher altitude if you can find it.
That's not the end of the story. The night before I was going to see this place, I was already so stressed out that the thought of having to be there at 9:30 am was totally awful. I'd been beating my head against a wall for the better part of two weeks, making it my full-time job to look at as many different properties as possible, and I was trying to hit at least two or three viewings a day.
Now that I was NOT going to be looking in Santa Monica, but rather out in the Malibu / Topanga / Woodland Hills / Calabasas region, a great deal more driving was involved. Each trip was a half-hour each way. So getting to this viewing at 9:30 am meant being on the road by 9, which meant dragging myself out of bed at 8:30 at the latest… ideally.
Since I was still staying up until 1:30 am or later, on average, I was in no shape to try to get to sleep early. I did try, but it didn't even work. I was totally frazzled. I really felt like I was dying inside. I'd been trying so hard to get something to manifest, and had never had so much trouble in my entire life.
For some strange reason, and this has never happened before or since in my entire life, that night my hand shot up, while I was asleep, and slammed against the headboard of my bed… enough to wake me up and cause pain. In the meantime, I'd already basically decided I was going to sleep through the morning and blow off the viewing. I had others scheduled that were a better use of my time anyway.
After all, the place I was looking at didn't seem to have anything I wanted:
      First of all, the space was not private… I'd be sharing with one other person, and that was something I'd said I would never again do. I figured there was NO WAY I could 'randomly' end up with a housemate who could actually handle living with me and not either love me or hate me… and either one could quickly make it very unworkable.    *
      Secondly, it was a "Lower," and I had absolutely stated I did not want a "lower". It was not part of my intention. If I was giving my Higher Self marching orders, (and at that time I was, having lost touch with the maiden / prostitute archetype,) a "lower" was off-limits.
      Third of all, I still wanted to be near Santa Monica, but this was out in the 'middle of nowhere' on top of a mountain. No matter where I went it would be at least a 15-minute drive, and I liked the convenience of being able to walk out my front door and hit restaurants, health food stores, et cetera, all within walking distance. I hardly ever needed to drive except for special occasions.
I was constantly waiting for my cell phone (yes, I finally got one last year on demand of the CONVERGENCE staff) to ring, and I had it set on vibration. The calls came very early in the morning, on some days, so you had to be ready. I left it on the keyboard near the bed. After two hums, it would start a ringtone, waking me up out of bed.
My sleep was shot, and I was a wreck. Now I was so stressed out that my hand was flying up in the middle of the night and hitting the headboard like it had a mind of its own. This was proof of all the more reason why I needed to sleep in, and blow off the viewing on this place I'd never want anyway. I'd rationalized the viewing trip as an excuse to get out there and scope out the area, but now I realized it was a total waste of time.
Then, a small handful of hours later, I DREAMED that my cell phone was in my hand, vibrating! I actually FELT the vibration… starting at my hand and moving through most of my body. I'd already had something weird happen with my hand earlier that same night, flying against the headboard, and now it was happening again… so of course, I paid attention and woke up immediately.
It was so realistic that right there in bed, with the covers up around my face, I pulled my hand up to my head, like there was a phone in it, and was saying "Hello? Hello?"
Then I realized there was no phone… it was a dream… the second weird event associated with that same hand in one night. I looked at the clock and I still had enough time to go to the meeting. The adrenaline rush of trying not to miss a phone call, and be fully alert to speak to whomever, now had me wide awake… so I sullenly went through the motions of getting dressed.
The whole way to the viewing, I was grumbly and miserable. Traffic annoyed me, to the point that I was privately mouthing off at the typical obnoxious drivers, and as I got up into the mountain roads, one part of me was saying "Wow, this is pretty cool," but the other part was saying, "This is WAY too remote for what I want." By this point I'd already looked at several other places in the Topanga mountains, closer to Santa Monica, and they were all too small, but they were also all a lot closer to Santa Monica and civilization.
I was so cavalier about the viewing that I didn't leave myself enough time… and arrived nine minutes late! As I got to the driveway, a black SUV was coming down, and there wasn't enough space for both of us, so I kept on driving on the road, then went and turned around.
Little did I realize that the SUV had been the realtor, who was now leaving. Out of a 30-minute drive, complete with all sorts of random traffic, where I did not make wrong turns and knew where I was going, I still somehow managed to pass the mouth of the driveway at the EXACT MOMENT that she was coming down. It only takes a few seconds to get down the driveway… so the window was very precise.
If I hadn't seen her just as she was leaving, I couldn't prove I'd been almost on time… because now I knew what she was driving. And that wasn't the only reason why I had to be late…
I drove up to the top and got out of my car, seeing two people inside, but feeling too awkward to go up to the door. The guy inside came to the door and said hello to me — and it turned out that he was the owner's son, the principal person responsible for the whole thing. If I had been on time, we might never have spoken.
Once I got inside I was blown away… it was a great place, and the views were indeed quite a pleasure, as is almost always the case when you're in a high-floor room in a hotel, up on a mountain, et cetera. Furthermore, the owner's son was unbelievably kind. I ended up being the only person he'd ever met or spoken to… all the other applicants had only dealt with the realtor. Talk about luck! (Actually not… try synchronicity!)
I immediately went from being completely against the idea of moving there to overwhelmed that such a thing was even possible. It only cost just over a hundred bucks more than I was already paying, and since it was remote, I wasn't getting a 'steal of a deal' — I just happened to be one of those people who didn't NEED to drive to work, and therefore wouldn't be bothered by the extra driving.
Other places were NOT like this. I'd viewed one place that was a 'yurt,' and was charming, but basically amounted to a single-room tent with a hardwood floor and vinyl walls at 1800 a month and 2 months' security. Another place was lovingly called the 'Hobbit House' and was literally big enough for a room to hold the bed, a hall where you can put a computer desk, and a square hole you had to climb down through on a ladder to access a kitchen and bathroom that was barely big enough to turn around in. It was probably less than 300 square feet.
Another place I'd looked at sounded great on paper… it was right next to a health food store and within walking distance of some shops in downtown Topanga, well known for its spiritual / hippie flavor. Though I haven't used intoxicants since 1992, I still like the 'alternative' crowd, which is why I'd lived in Rosendale when I was still in New York.
Nonetheless, for 1800 a month you rented the top or bottom floor of a teensy-weensy little house that didn't even have a doorway separating the two levels… just a wide-open stairwell. The whole top floor had an atrocious red shag carpet and a 15-degree slope towards the far right wall. Space-wise it'd be like living in a shoebox, and to have someone else either downstairs or upstairs? I don't think so.
I hadn't believed I could GET a house rental of any decent caliber for what I wanted to pay. And yet, through this very bizarre series of synchronicities (which I had no idea were for a higher good at the time, since I was so miserable,) I now had been exposed to the possibility of a whole new reality.
Then, because this was so much better than any other option I'd looked at, I quickly became totally paranoid that it wasn't going to work. Now I was thinking,
    "No matter WHO this guy is that I have to share the house with, I'll find a way to make it work… this is just too good to pass up."
It got even better when I realized that he was actually a unique combination — an open-hearted, Ascension-ready guy who ALSO had healthy boundaries, as well as musical talent and a history in the music industry.
Now I was going through absolute anxiety and torment for each day that I didn't have a solid answer about whether I could move in. The whole time, my dream guidance said I had nothing to worry about, it was already a done deal. I was NOT convinced… I just couldn't handle the idea of allowing myself to believe it would happen, and then losing it, so I kept on looking at other places and tried to remain totally detached.
More days went by and there was a wrinkle with my application. I found out that the horrific three-year battle I had endured with identity theft had left a stain on my credit report, long after I thought I'd fought and won. (I cleared it once I found out about it, but that didn't help me in this case.)
My father stepped up to the plate and saved the day, co-signing for me and going through his own incredible series of Herculean struggles to get eight pages signed, notarized and faxed from the bank when he had absolutely no time to do it. In the meantime, I was on a crashing deadline, with other prospective tenants breathing down the realtor's neck, trying to entice her to dump me and go with them instead.
It was a great opportunity for a healing between Dad and me, and it paid off, as I DID end up getting the place after all. Struggle leads to cooperation, which leads to mutual growth.
Here's the next thing that happened. Sure, the views were amazing at first, and the place seemed gigantic compared to my old apartment… but you'd be amazed how quickly the mind adjusts to its settings. If you ask for a miracle and you get it, that doesn't mean that you GET IT.
The thing people don't seem to understand is that material things will NEVER make you happy. You still must CHOOSE to be happy once those things arrive. I was often surprised to hear my housemate say that one of the best benefits to having me here was in my continual reminders to him of how nice it is to have a view, and the appreciation of the natural setting we were in. Without these 'reminders,' it becomes routine, and quickly forgotten.
My readings coined the phrase 'the Fool's Equation' for this exact dilemma. The 'equation' goes like this:
                (X) => HAPPINESS
What are we really saying here? This first part of the equation means, "If I get (X), then I will be happy." People slavishly believe the Fool's Equation as if it were a truth handed down from Heaven. That is the basis of the delusion around The Secret.
My first huge experience of it was like this:
            (GET ON ART BELL) => HAPPINESS
Back in the early years I knew getting on Coast to Coast with Art Bell was the ultimate 'brass ring' for anyone in my field… elevating you from a hole-in-the-wall website to a top-drawer public figure with exposure to millions of people. I thought for sure that once I got on Art Bell, my work would take off, people would be trafficking my site like never before, and my message would finally get some traction… so I might not feel as if I was putting out so much free stuff, and untold hours of research, for no one to enjoy.
Instead, I got 400 emails in 2 days, most of which I didn't have time to answer, a momentary surge of hits, and then it all died down as if nothing had happened. I soon realized I was just another guest, on just another night, and people were going to continue tuning in each night to see who was 'new' — and I wasn't it.
Then I got on AGAIN just two weeks later. Again I got about 400 emails, and a momentary traffic spike. Since I didn't update regularly, they had no reason to keep coming back. I had enough reading requests to keep me busy for a while, but other than that, NOTHING happened… it all died off.
I realized, after this, that all I'd really wished for was to get on Coast… but then I'd ASSUMED that all these other bountiful things would naturally follow. It's only very recently that I've finally realized that "the more you give, the more you get" when it comes to your website… and that's the one thing you want to put the greatest energy and focus into if you want to reach the largest number of people.
Forget about the radio shows, the conferences, even the movie… ultimately, they all come back to that dot-com address you give them, and you want to give them a reason to keep coming back. Tell me I'm wrong — I'd be glad not to have to work this much, on some levels, but I see the value!
Take the "American Idol" show as another example of the Fool's Equation. You're far less likely to get on that show than you are to get struck by lightning while eating peanut butter off your pinky finger, and if you actually DO make it in, the chances are that at least one of the three judges, especially Simon Cowell, is going to completely tear you down and ridicule you in front of 30 million of your closest friends. Your ultimate dream could become your worst nightmare.
Yet until you actually get to that moment where you are being ridiculed, and you've come so far only to sink so low, you might have never imagined how you'd actually feel, as the world's newest laughing-stock.
[The reason why Sanjaya has done so well, in my opinion, is that he has done such an amazing job of taking the abuse, over and over again, week after week, and still ends up smiling and being so open and pure of heart. However, anyone who says that voting for him will 'ruin the show' is delusional, as he actually IS a decent singer — they have just been giving him dry mixes with no effects on the microphone, and he's not experienced enough to hold the microphone at a steady distance from his mouth, so his voice remains consistently audible.
The show wins no matter what, as all this controversy only further drives up the ratings, and regardless of who wins, they own that person and profit from whatever success he or she might gain. I watched ALL the contestants recently on YouTube, as part of my research for this blog, and discovered that they were ALL very capable pop vocalists. Not one of them was 'bad', and the whole idea of trying to say who is 'better' and who is 'worse' is really quite sad, as their level of talent is obviously not the key factor… they're all talented.
Actually, I just now listened to his performance of "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" last night, after writing the above, and it was actually the least quality vocal performance I'd heard from him yet… his pitch was quite shaky on a variety of the notes, he didn't use enough breath to get the notes out, and it clearly wasn't his best song choice. That's the first time I'd have to agree with those saying he's not up to par with the other singers. Nonetheless I applaud him for showing such a great example to others of how best to respond under attack… by loving the 'enemy' as a part of yourself.]
The problem with the Fool's Equation is that everyone has it backwards. In fact, a more correct rendering is like this:
                HAPPINESS => (X)
The idea here is that if you cultivate a loving space within yourself FIRST, then the manifestations will be "attracted" to that loving space. This is actually NOT the same as stating your intention and then believing the Universe will satisfy it, and pile on the riches.
The key is to break down the whole idea that your happiness depends on any particular manifestation happening. The longer you believe that, the longer your Higher Self will have to hold off the best manifestations, because you haven't gotten the point yet.
Remember… even if you DO get what you want, you still end up CHOOSING whether you will be happy or not. I got on Art Bell, which I used to think was my ultimate goal, but then once I did, everything stayed the same, and I really didn't feel any differently. No matter what someone wishes for, getting it satisfied doesn't necessarily produce any happiness.
This is also what my readings have called 'Elvis-Marilyn Syndrome.' You can look at the most famous people in our history, artists known by their first name alone, and find, again and again, that they were racked with depression, despite having all the money and fame they could ask for. Now we've had two NEW reminders with Britney and Anna Nicole, the more recent equivalents. Thankfully Britney did not commit suicide and appears to be on the mend.
So, if you can demonstrate to your Higher Self that you GET IT, and that you can live in happiness WITHOUT the material things, then lo and behold, they manifest… in better ways than you had imagined. I had this house manifest, I didn't even realize it would happen, and then there it was.
However, once I started losing the fascination, losing the love, losing the happiness and becoming irritated by all the stresses I was enduring, like the three-week struggle to get a working payment gateway on this site (which now works great), I contracted poison ivy on my hands… and my irritation was externalized.
Only once I came back around to recapturing the original bliss and wonderment with this manifestation, and my place in it, did the hands quiet back down. When I lost the bliss again, the hands acted back up, and once I again resolved it and got back to my peace, (this is only 2 days ago now,) the hands again calmed back down. Very holographic!
The closer we get to 2012, the more these kinds of things will keep happening… which is all the more reason why you want to focus on "seeking the heart of the self" as your foremost goal.
An equally miraculous turn of events happened to my mother. She was looking for a house in Upstate New York, knew what she could afford, and found something that was really too small, but the best she could do. It was quite a compromise. The rooms were barely big enough as it was, and she wanted to put closets in there.
At the same time, she's done so much good for others that it really didn't seem fair to have so much money go into such an insufficient house. I wished, in my own way, that she could have something happen to her like what happened to me… but it didn't seem to be in the cards.
Then she found out that the foundation of the house was in bad shape… but only because there were very severe rains on the exact day that the property assessor came by to view it with her. Had that synchronicity not happened, she would have ended up buying the house, and having to discover the hidden horror of a useless, degrading basement for herself. She was able to exit the contract and even get the deposit back.
In frustration, she shared her story with a few of her voice students. As it turned out, one of them was an architect living in the same area Mom was looking at houses in… and offered to GIVE my mother, with full legal title and rights, a 10-acre plot of land… worth a hundred thousand dollars. Furthermore, she would help her build a custom house to the latest, hippest 'green' standards, and actually end up with much MORE house and still have a healthy amount left over, AFTER it was all paid for!
Again… my mother did not say,
    "I want an angel investor to come by and give me a big parcel of free land, where I want it to be, so I can build an amazing house there." Nor did I say, "I want to live on a mountaintop in a nice big house."
Instead, we both treated our Higher Self like a maiden… tried to find out what its needs and desires were, and then follow the 'guidance'. If you do this, then miraculous things will happen.
The most difficult aspect of growing up with my mother, and even going to visit her recently, was that she continually believed that she was at the whims of a financial fate she only had partial control over. The lack of money was a REALITY that no humming, chanting or visualization could make disappear.
I got her free will permission to write about this incident before I went and did it, because for her, this is literally the most important 'proof of concept' for the idea of positive financial karma that she's ever experienced. No manifestation of this scope has ever occurred before. She's again reading a Seth book, "Seth Speaks," to help her readjust her whole thinking, and really allow the conditioned responses to ease.
So many people in this world are in poverty that it is all too easy to let those thought-currents come into your mind… but I do believe that the more you focus on service, and clean up your attitude, the more prosperity will flow in your life… as money IS a metaphor of vital energy, to a certain degree.
It's easy to obsess on negative karma… you do something 'bad,' i.e. infringe on the free will of another by attempting to manipulate or control them for your own gain, and then you get hit with an arrow. Basic universal law.
Don't forget that the Law of Exponents doesn't just work with people joining groups. The Law of One series ALSO said that there were two things you could do, in your own life, that would create an exponential strengthening of the energy you can call upon for your own manifestations to happen, in alignment with the Higher Self's larger plan for you:
     Seek love in the moment. Each additional seeking of love in the moment exponentially strengthens your calling.
    *      Compare your present moment to others like it in the past. When you go through either a painful OR a positive experience, each similar experience you can bring up from your past history adds another exponential degree to the strength of your calling.
So, when you keep seeking the love in the moment, and struggling to integrate your experiences in the present by being aware of how they relate to your past, you will make it more and more likely that apparent miracles, like the house manifestations my mother and I both had drop into our laps, can happen for you.
Remember that Karma is a LAW… and if you do loving and helpful things for others, consistently enough, it is MANDATORY that the Universe will find a way to return the favor. As Richard Hoagland said recently when he came to visit me, "You must be doing SOMETHING right, as this is just amazing." He normally doesn't talk metaphysics like this, but words like 'good karma' were definitely floating around.
The effect this manifestation has had on me is very visible on this site. We changed the template, got it far more professional-looking, I wrote an amazing new piece of meditation music called "The Journey," Larry and I finally released The Science of Peace after a two-year embargo, and I began writing new material almost every weekday.
Our site traffic is still way less than what I expect it will be once we do a show on Coast… each article gets about 300 hits a day at the moment… but we're building up the criteria right now for this to be a good metaphysical place to hang your hat, belly up to the bar and have a few drinks. Tastes great, less filling, non-alcoholic metaphysical buzz. Drink in the LOVE… and you might learn something along the way!
So let's say you've balanced your karma, earned some positive credit, and have a vision of how you can best serve the planet. Don't forget that the Higher Forces do need some kind of structure.
If you yourself have no idea what you want, then how will you know when it manifests? Think about it!
If I hadn't at least vaguely known I might like the house in the middle of nowhere, would I have just dusted off those weird events with my hand hitting the headboard, and getting a 'cell phone' call in bed, and ended up with something totally different, and probably much less than what was possible?
It sounds a little ominous when the Law of One series says our NUMBER ONE responsibility after we leave a physical incarnation, in the vast majority of cases, is to FORGIVE OURSELVES for the OPPORTUNITIES that we KNOWINGLY MISSED.
In that after-life state, we see what WOULD have been if we had just TRUSTED more, processed the fear, and been willing to take the chances that came along. More often than not they are Divine gifts — but we always have the free-will ability to turn them down. Imagine if I'd ended up in another dreary, noisy, crowded apartment, simply because I chose NOT to wake up that morning when all the weird synchronicity suggested I should!
So again, if the Higher Forces can't infringe on your free will, that means they can't give you something if you don't at least VAGUELY state that you want it.
You don't want to pimp out your Higher Self like a whore, but neither do you want to whine in your indecision while never actually making a choice about what might be a good direction, if it fits with the deeper plan for your life.
In my case I knew I wanted a nice place to live, but the final mandate was when I said, "Where is the BEST place I can live to serve the Work?"
I really do feel that I've arrived at that 'best place' now, and intend to stay a while.
Again, the key at this point in the game is to clarify your intent.
"How do I get this to work in my own life, for the positive," you may ask?
The author of the esoteric mystery school texts we cited in Part III has a whole passage about this, which I will dig up at some point soon. The key is in very clearly stating your intention… so clearly that it cannot be misconstrued. You want to try to tear apart your statement of intent as if you were a trickster, trying to find a way to turn it into a 'leprechaun wish.'
The classic example of the 'leprechaun wish' is when a horny guy says he wants to see through women's clothing, and then he gets his wish… but now he seeks skeletons and internal organs instead.
Similarly, if you say "I would really like a job I'm happier with," you may find that you suddenly get fired. Another close friend of mine kept saying, repeatedly, "I need a really, really big change," and she got into a catastrophic accident that almost killed her. You have to be really careful about making a very strong intention, and insure that you're treating your Higher Self like a maiden in the process. Find a way that your personal will can align with the Divine will, set a direction, and then be on the lookout for what manifests… and lose the fear!
The key phrase you want to make sure you include, when using the power of intent for service-to-others purposes, is "…for the highest and best good of all involved."
If you set an intention and say "I want a promotion at my job," your Higher Self may 'put out' for you, but in the process someone else might get fired… and then you accrue karma that ultimately leads to you HATING your promotion, and quitting in disgust. The money might not have been worth the extra sacrifice, and you end up learning another lesson. [Of course, none of us have ever had that happen.. we're way too cool for such karmic mishaps… Not!]
It really boils down to trust. The more you can trust the synchronicity, trust the dreams, trust the guidance that comes to you, the more miracles will occur. If you DO want to call in a particular manifestation, insure that you also request that it not hurt others in the process… and if your Higher Self feels that it is beneficial for you to have, then it will happen.
Nonetheless, the surprises are even better… when you have a fair idea of what you wanted, you're not being high-maintenance or nit-picky, your focus is on serving the greatest good, and then you get totally surprised. The whole concept of Ascension, and what's heading our way in 2012, is the ULTIMATE example of this.
Imagine graduating from 3D — finally getting the lesson, after all this time — and moving into a realm ONE HUNDRED TIMES more harmonious than what your life is like now!
Imagine having all the Ascended abilities ready at your fingertips. Imagine a nearly incorruptible body of Light. Imagine instantaneous telepathic communication with others. Imagine a world with no secrets, no lies, no deception, where everyone loves you and is happy to see you. This is not a joke, not a fantasy… all the precursor events to this change are happening around us right now!
[Guess what time the website software told me I had posted this update when I added the above paragraph at the last minute? 11:11 am!]
Here’s your inspirational homework… watch this video, even if you’ve already seen it before. The song is one of my favorites. When you hear Steve Winwood sing about his relationship with “Valerie,” go ahead and let the words remind you of your own connection to your Higher Self — and how the two of you can call on each other and come together for your own strength:
Well, by now this is getting a bit long, so let's git 'er dun. If I start feeling bored about what I'm writing, that's a good sign that it's time to quit. Or maybe that's just a signal of satisfaction, like when you've eaten enough and want to get up from the table. Unless I choose to get back on my soapbox for some more 'Secret' rhetoric, this might be the last of the 'Deeper Secret' series.
I actually had some really good 2012 and Ascension tangents spin out from this version, which I've since saved and will use soon. What started it all was perhaps the most important reason to seek the positive at this time… namely that we are at the end of a cycle, and if you don't clearly make a decision one way or the other about whether you seek the positive or negative path, you might end up having 25 thousand more years of third-density reincarnations to be able to make up your mind, one way or the other.
It's VERY easy to make the grade for Ascension, but you DO have to be slightly more motivated towards helping people rather than controlling them. That's what it all comes down to.
So, when I saw that article in the LA Times last November, that's when it truly became clear how potentially destructive 'The Secret' could be for people's long-term path. I really didn't know that such a simple thing as showing someone a poster of money could make them that much more selfish. It only further validated my concerns about the 'Secret' film, but I kept my opinions to myself for a long, long time. Now that the film is so widespread, it's better to offer a more enlightened perspective on its philosophy than to just remain silent.
All I can hope for is that the new devotees of this film don't get so lured in by the promise of quick, easy money, shaking down their Higher Self like a whore in the process, that they fail to realize how much more there is to 'reality' than just begging Father/Mother God for some candy…

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