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"El que quiera instruirse debe primeramente saber dudar, pues la duda del espíritu conduce a la manifestación de la verdad." ╚»♥GABYVEN*कलियुग♥
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19 de Julio, 2008 · General

Deeper "Secret", Part II -III

 In Part One we talked about the archetype known as "The Lovers" or "The Choice Between Two Paths". We showed how the film "The Secret" is presenting a message that inadvertently aligns with the negative, or left-handed path… by inspiring you to approach your Higher Self as if it were a prostitute.

"The Secret" teaches you to approach your Higher Self and tell it what you want, how you want it, where you want it, how much you're willing to pay for it and what you expect to do when it's over.... Continuar leyendo
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19 de Julio, 2008 · General

deeper secret

 The preachers of the “Law of Attraction” are missing key elements. My own recent experiences, and those of my family, help close the conceptual gap, and reveal the deeper keys to awakening…
Having my hands covered in poison ivy, lots of meetings to attend and ongoing hoops to jump through with the restructuring of this website’s payment gateway, I got a brief case of Da Vinci Syndrome, i.e. the father who abandons his children. I’d promised daily updates and I blew it, taking a four-day... Continuar leyendo
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