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"El que quiera instruirse debe primeramente saber dudar, pues la duda del espíritu conduce a la manifestación de la verdad." ╚»♥GABYVEN*कलियुग♥
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30 de Noviembre, 2008 · General

The Smaragdine Table of Hermes

 I. Hermes.

This is true, and far distant from a Lie; whatever is below, is like that which is above; and that which is above, is like that which is below: By this are acquired and perfected the Miracles of the One Thing.


That is to say, the truth of this our Art is confirmed by Experience, we know it to be truth by very matter of Fact; and notwithstanding all the Sophisms, and Logomachia of the Schools, there is no Argument can stand against Experience.


The... Continuar leyendo
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30 de Noviembre, 2008 · General

The exact origin of the Emerald Tablet

This 13 stanza verse may be, to those who understand it, one of the most profound examples of wordmanship ever recorded. To this writer, these words hold within their scope the essence of all scripture, myth, and spiritual metaphor.

The following interpretation of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes is offered by this writer who has spent many years contemplating, and proving, its content. My intent is only to aid those whose inner being responds to the tablet's song. Please understand that there are as ... Continuar leyendo

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19 de Julio, 2008 · General

deeper secret

 The preachers of the “Law of Attraction” are missing key elements. My own recent experiences, and those of my family, help close the conceptual gap, and reveal the deeper keys to awakening…
Having my hands covered in poison ivy, lots of meetings to attend and ongoing hoops to jump through with the restructuring of this website’s payment gateway, I got a brief case of Da Vinci Syndrome, i.e. the father who abandons his children. I’d promised daily updates and I blew it, taking a four-day... Continuar leyendo
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