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18 de Febrero, 2009 · General

world´s last chance


TheInternet contains vast material to be read, most of it frivolous,alarmist, or simply repetitious. Here can be found articles that aretimely and vital, but often containing information nowhere elseavailable. We have done our utmost to concentrate in this one placeissues that are really important to help people make practicaldecisions in their daily lives. Every article here will providestimulus for living better, more productively, and more happily. Butour fundamental concern is to help people live according to the will ofGod. These articles put it in a nutshell.

A New World Order is About to Start: Are you Ready for it?PrintE-mail
Periodicallythe term New World Order comes and goes in the mouths of politicians.This article exposes the New World Order as the old plan of Satan torule the world by confusion, oppression, and disobedience to God. Thecentral roles of the USA and the Papacy in attempting to carry this outat the time of the end were illuminated by Bible prophecy 2000 yearsago. Those warnings help us to realize that overcoming by faith inChrist is needed to meet the challenges of today. All of the basicsnecessary for a victorious life, right worship, and finding safety inthe impending disasters in the world are found in this one article.
Next & Last Pope Will be a Devil Impersonating John Paul IIPrintE-mail
TheProtestant Reformation exposed the Papacy as the Beast of Revelation.This historicist reading grew and blossomed in the 18th century, andthen with the fall of the Papacy in 1798 became quickly forgotten. Nowa daring view of Revelation 17 traces each phase of the Papacy after1798, through the Roman question to the Lateran Treaty of 1929 when thePapacy was restored as a kingdom, to the incredible prophecy of thefinal pope. The pope to follow Benedict will not be a human being atall, but a demon impersonating John Paul II, claiming to haveresurrected from the dead. In this consistent application of theProtestant principles of Bible understanding, this article reveals thedemonic role of organized religion in seducing people away fromobedience to God and the faith of Jesus in the last great apostasy.Finally, the article tells what you personally can do about thisstartling, impending event.
Heaven's HealingPrintE-mail
Heaven'sHealing gives the basics of how to get well and stay well in anutshell. We can not only greatly reduce the chances of our gettingheart disease or cancer, but we can use these simple and inexpensivehints to radiant health. Health is a habit. While we are all different,our minds and bodies work on the same principles. The eight naturalremedies can cure and maintain good health. These are sunlight, freshair, rest, exercise, the use of water, proper diet, temperance, andtrust in divine power. Mental health is also based on eight principles:a clear conscience, a happy heart and laughter, power of prayer andclaiming God's promises, forgiveness, to love others, helping theneedy, and sweet words.
The Bible and the Bible Alone, the Rule of Faith and DutyPrintE-mail

The Bible is the only rule offaith and practice. It is unique as the best preserved by far of any ancienttext handed down to the present day, and as the only text that claims tocontain the direct and public revelation of God in the Ten Commandments. It ismore accessible by far than any other classical religious book, beingtranslated into far more languages and distributed more widely than any other.It can be understood my any literate person who approaches it systematicallyand rationally. It is validated by archeology, history, and the fulfillment ofits prophecies. It remains objectively the best alternative by far amongreligious works.

Sabbath in the BiblePrintE-mail

TheSabbath is a vital, watershed subject dividing Christians today. Webelieve it will become even more controversial in the future.Therefore, it is wise to examine what the Bible says about thissubject. This article attempts briefly to examine all of the referencesin the Bible to the weekly Sabbath using the word Sabbath. Theexamination takes two perspectives. The first is to harmonize the Biblein regard to the Sabbath, and remove any points of conflict between thetexts that may arise in the reader's mind. The second is to respond tothe most common arguments used against the observance of the BibleSabbath.

The Ten CommandmentsPrintE-mail

Controversy aboutposting the ten commandments on public buildings as violently divided publicopinion in the United States. This article looks at how the ten commandmentshave appeared in history and what their role has been. It also takes a look atwhat the Bible says about the ten commandments, what they are, and what theyshould mean to us. It finally shows that they have not disappeared with the OldCovenant, but are the very words that God writes on the human heart under theNew Covenant.

1844 and the 2300 Days Made SimplePrintE-mail

Many arediscouraged by the 1844 message, because they do not understand it and think itis too complicated. But in fact, it is very simple. Daniel 8 and 9 give atime-line of the plan of salvation to restore the sanctuary and the people, inpreparation for Christ's second coming. It is a five-point plan of events: therebuilding of the temple, the baptism of Christ, the death and resurrection ofChrist, Gospel to the whole world, and the great and wonderful message ofAtonement by the intercession of Christ in the Most Holy Place of the heavenlysanctuary. Not only does his work of intercession forgive sins, but it blotsthem out forever.

The Home ChurchPrintE-mail
Housechurches are very popular today for many reasons. But are they merely a part ofthe confusion of Babylon? The original form of divine worship was instituted inEden as a home church. The basic form of worship, walking with God, is upheldthrough all of the divinely established firms: the judges, kings, and Gospelchurch, which was primarily a home institution in apostolic times. The Gospelgives fifteen specific principles for establishing and maintaining a validchurch. The epistles give eight specific spiritual gifts to benefit the church.We are still faced today with the same challenges that required the offices ofdeacon and elder in the apostolic church. This simple, yet effective, systemwas firmly established by commandment-keeping Adventists as early as 1844 andremains the true church of God today. No new organization can be expected.
Righteousness by FaithPrintE-mail
The Protestant Reformation was sparked by the shock of seeing the corruption of the RomanCatholic priesthood in the beginning of the sixteenth century. In recentyears there has been overwhelming evidence that priesthood has only become morecorrupt since then, as pedophiles take the place of merely greedy younger sonsof the gentry. While the world may believe that the church of the Inquisitionhas changed, their own behavior shows the change, if any, has been for theworse. Now, more than ever, the doctrine of righteousness as the act and giftof God by faith in the atoning intercession of Christ our high priest in theheavenly sanctuary is the crying need of the world. The kingship of Christ is aneglected issue, and this results in people not realizing that righteousness byfaith is the product of Christ's inheritance as the Messiah.
The Importance of Obedience to SalvationPrintE-mail
Most of the world is caught upin two false doctrines. The one denies that obedience has any role to play inour salvation. The other claims that we can save ourselves by our own effortsin well-doing. The importance of obedience to salvation is best described inthe epistle of Paul to the Romans, who speaks of obedience in five passages:obedience of faith as the call of Christ, the obedience of Christ reckoned tothe believer, the love of Christ giving the believer power to obey, the spiritof obedience bringing unity to believers, and the obedience of faith as thepower of God to establish believers in the gospel.
The Fallen Nature of Churches TodayPrintE-mail
Many people face the questionseriously at least once their lifetime: Which is the right church? There are somany denominations and the situation is so confusing that it seems impossibleto know for sure. This article finds a solution to the problem by providing asimple, three-point test to evaluate any church or denomination quickly andeasily. By applying it, anyone can determine in a few minutes whether or not achurch or denomination is fallen or valid.
The Second Coming and the MillenniumPrintE-mail
More than at any period in Christian history people are deceived about the second coming of Christ andthe Millennium. The Bible gives clear information on the manner of Christ'scoming, the nature and timing of the Millennium, and precisely how to escapethe coming death and destruction.
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