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16 de Junio, 2008 · General

Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?

We have made contact with whoever is creating some or all of the non-human made formations in the world. After publishing my August 9, 2003 article Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue, a mysterious world of hurt has descended upon the crop circle researchers in England even formations suddenly stopped appearing, as noted in my article, Are English Crop Circles Being Covertly Suppressed?

Then late last night I received an E-mail from crop circle researcher Matt Rock of the Canadian Crop Circle Research Network (CCCRN). After reading my article and struck pay dirt. Whoever is creating the crop circles noted in this article are from somewhere in the constellation Pisces and Matt Rock nailed their return address, and that constitutes contact!

The best way to understand how Matt arrived at his conclusion, is to begin with the E-mail I received from him last night. After that, I will present the relevant parts of my article Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue, followed by a series of composite images that will pull everything together.



Matt’s Discovery E-mail

Matt Rock is a field research assistant with the Ontario branch of the CCCRN. His is well published on the web and his work is first rate.

From: "Matt"
To: <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 22:46:01 -0400
Subject: West Overton, near East Kennett, Wiltshire, England: The Repeaters.
CCCRN peeps: I'm on another role, it just 'felt right' when I saw it in my Star program.
Marshall, you may want to use these stars in the heavens for a reference to the 'repeated' formations in U.K.: (information below image). This, I think may answer some of the riddle to these formations that had repeated in July 2003. Pisces Constellation.
By all means, spread this around if it helps. I think it just might be right! Of course, someone else may know about this already.
Matt Rock, CCCRN

"1": Star HR 311 HD 6457
 -  Flamsteed Number: 74
 -  Bayer Letter: PSI1
 -  Constellation: Pisces
 -  Visual Magnitude: 5.56
 -  Color Index: -0.07
 -  Spectral Class: A0Vn
 -  Annual Proper Motion: 0.047 -0.018
 -  J2000 RA: 1h05m41.70s DE:+21°27'55.0"
 -  Date RA: 1h05m53.54s DE:+21°29'05.6"
 -  Toronto 2003-9-3 22h34m ( TU + -4h00m )

 -  Sideral Time : 20h08m
 -  Hour Angle : 19h02m
 -  Azimuth :+84°06'
 -  Altitude :+25°42'
 -  Rise : 20h05m Azimuth:+58°55'
 -  Culmination : 3h37m
 -  Set : 11h09m Azimuth:+301°05'
 -  Distance to the last object : +01°24'32.7" PA:288

"2": Star HR 328 HD 6695
 -  Flamsteed Number: 79
 -  Bayer Letter: PSI2
 -  Constellation: Pisces
 -  Visual Magnitude: 5.55
 -  Color Index: 0.13
 -  Spectral Class: A3V
 -  Annual Proper Motion: 0.087 -0.094
 -  J2000 RA: 1h07m57.20s DE:+20°44'21.0"
 -  Date RA: 1h08m09.04s DE:+20°45'31.4"
 -  Toronto 2003-9-3 22h35m ( TU + -4h00m ) 

 -  Sideral Time : 20h09m
 -  Hour Angle : 19h01m
 -  Azimuth :+84°31'
 -  Altitude :+25°00'
 -  Rise : 20h10m Azimuth:+60°00'
 -  Culmination : 3h39m
 -  Set : 11h08m Azimuth:+300°00'
 -  Distance to the last object : +00°53'49.3" PA:144


"3": Star HR 339 HD 6903
 -  Flamsteed Number: 81
 -  Bayer Letter: PSI3
 -  Constellation: Pisces
 -  Visual Magnitude: 5.55
 -  Color Index: 0.69
 -  Spectral Class: G0III
 -  Annual Proper Motion: -0.006 0.009
 -  J2000 RA: 1h09m49.20s DE:+19°39'31.0"
 -  Date RA: 1h10m01.02s DE:+19°40'41.2"
 -  Toronto 2003-9-3 22h36m ( TU + -4h00m )

 -  Sideral Time : 20h10m
 -  Hour Angle : 19h00m
 -  Azimuth :+85°17'
 -  Altitude :+24°10'
 -  Rise : 20h17m Azimuth:+61°37'
 -  Culmination : 3h41m
 -  Set : 11h04m Azimuth:+298°23'
 -  Distance to the last object : +01°09'57.4" PA:158

"X": Star HR 351 HD 7087
 -  Flamsteed Number: 84
 -  Bayer Letter: Chi
 -  Constellation: Pisces
 -  Visual Magnitude: 4.66
 -  Color Index: 1.03
 -  Spectral Class: G8.5III-IIIa
 -  Annual Proper Motion: 0.038 -0.011
 -  J2000 RA: 1h11m27.20s DE:+21°02'05.0"
 -  Date RA: 1h11m39.07s DE:+21°03'15.1"
 -  Toronto 2003-9-3 22h33m ( TU + -4h00m ) 

 -  Sideral Time : 20h07m
 -  Hour Angle : 18h55m
 -  Azimuth :+83°21'|
 -  Altitude :+24°12'
 -  Rise : 20h12m Azimuth:+59°34'
 -  Culmination : 3h42m
 -  Set : 11h12m Azimuth:+300°26'
 -  Distance to the last object : +02°18'21.0" PA:124




What Started Matt Down the Road of Discovery

After updating my article
Are Extraterrestrials at Odds With Crop Circle Messages?, on 03-July-2003, I began a regular scan of crop circle reporting sites in the expectation that we would see a continuation of the Crabwood 2002 formation discussed in that article. In the course of my research, I found a recurring formation that seems to be used a message key and reported it on 09-August-2003.




YOWUSA.COM, 09-August-2003

Recurring Crop Circle Pictograms Could Be the Keys to a Dialogue
At face value, this simplistic looking pictograph with four solid circles connected by simple lines could be the work of hoaxers wishing to befuddle the gullible. However, this simple glyph has appeared in four different formations since 22-July-2003! Also, it appeared twice in one day – in two different fields!

Prior to 31-July-2003, this glyph appeared by itself. However, on 31-July-2003 appeared in a formation at West Overton, nr East Kennett, Wiltshire, England.


Composite Comparisons

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Rather than spew verbiage, I will now present a composite analysis that will say it for us all.




Yes - We Have Made Contact!

The term ‘contact’ can be a nebulous thing, especially when trying to define how two races make themselves known to each other.

What makes all this credible to me is the sloppy, heavy-handed and rushed manner in which those of power have acted against crop circle researchers, and in the manner in which they have actively suppressed a vital dialogue at its most crucial juncture.

It is my hope that this article will spur a serious debate, as well as an investigation into the nature of the formations reported on this page and of Matt Rock’s brilliant work as well as that of all the dedicated crop circle researchers in England and elsewhere in the worldwide. Without their tireless efforts to document and study crop circle formations, none of this would be possible.
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